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Integrated Technology Solutions

DBE Systems, powered by dancker, is an Integrated Technology Contractor specializing in design-build, forward-thinking, connected technology solutions that improve business workflow and work experiences.


We leverage our expertise and affiliations with leading technology partners to develop the optimal solution for our clients’ business needs. With specialties in all connected technologies that distribute over copper, fiber, and wireless, DBE Systems delivers expert solutions with precision and care, from needs assessment to system commissioning to day two support.


As a premier workplace technology integrator, DBE Systems is dedicated to transforming our clients’ vision into reality with our expertise and innovative technology solutions designed to create user-friendly and well thought out spaces where form truly meets function so our clients can realize a return on their investment.



At DBE Systems, we are hyper-focused on providing 100% client satisfaction by ensuring that your workspace is more than just an office—we work collaboratively with you to co-create environments that foster communication, collaboration, innovation, and engagement.

Design To Build

With our approach and structured process with network infrastructure, integrated technology solutions, space management applications, and sound management systems, we create functional and effective workspaces. We take full ownership of maintaining the solutions we deliver, prioritizing exceptional customer support and remote services.

Our approach is to only design what we can support to ensure that our designs are streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly workplace technology solutions.

Network Infrastructure
& Connectivity

From the ISP service to the local network closet to the device or application, DBE Systems can deliver on the network infrastructure that manages controls all your business applications and devices. We also specialize in optimizing space availability, space utilization analysis, and integrating smart office technologies to create a productive and organized work environment.

  • Structured Cabling

  • Audio / Video requirements

  • VoIP & Cloud-based Unified Communications

  • Wireless Access

  • Physical Security

    • Access Control

    • Guest Management

    • Physical Surveillance

  • Space Reservation and Management Applications

Audio-Visual Integration

Our audio-visual design and integration services make it easy to deliver impactful presentations and create immersive and engaging experiences that foster collaboration and productivity. From small Team Huddle Rooms to large Operation Centers, we design purpose-built rooms that support today’s workers and enable them to maximize creative, productive human potential by ensuring spaces provide presence equity so all participants can engage and participate equally, no matter their physical location.

  • Unified Communications Solutions

  • Modern Collaboration Solutions

  • Small to Large Presentation Solutions

  • Hybrid Meeting Solutions

  • Video Streaming + Podcast Solutions

  • Control Rooms | Operation Centers

  • Digital Signage & Video Walls

  • Desktop Technology Solutions

Sound Management Solutions

DBE Systems can help improve workplace privacy and acoustic comfort to ensure the well-being of the people in your spaces.

  • Sound Masking

  • Sound Scaping

Day Two Support - Onsite & Remote

Our commitment doesn't end with project completion. We provide ongoing support and maintenance services with our commitment to “only build what we can support” so that the solutions we design, engineer, and build fully support our clients’ business needs, work as intended, and provide a return on investment.​

Network Infrastructre
Design To Build
Sound Management
Audio Visual
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Take the first step toward a technologically advanced, efficiently organized, and acoustically comfortable future for your business. Contact us for a consultation, and our team will assess your needs and craft a tailored plan, combining workplace technology, space management, sound masking and sound-scaping strategies to drive your business to new heights.


Get in touch with us today to discover how DBE Systems, powered by dancker, can transform your workspace into a cutting-edge hub of productivity and innovation.

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