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Collaboration Systems

  • Video Collaboration

  • Digital Signage

  • Presentation System

  • Video Production


How are you getting your message across? Successful meetings start with audio visual solutions that allow your business to share and collaborate, from anywhere, anytime. That’s why DBE takes a look at your business’ requirements and tailors solutions to fit your needs for successful visual collaboration throughout your conference room design.

Need help with your conference room system? We design your ideal conference room using audio visual solutions to be user-friendly for in-person or virtual meetings by integrating video conferencing systems like Cisco Webex, Zoom, Teams, and more.


Network Infrastructure

  • Structured Cabling (CAT5/6/Fiber Optics)

  • Cellular Signal Amplification

  • VoIP

  • WiFi

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


Many elements influence the effectiveness of a workspace. Having a solid and reliable network infrastructure is vital in ensuring your business technology runs smoothly and efficiently. As an Integrated Solutions General Contractor, we look at all the elements that influence the performance of a workspace and leverage our professional partnerships to complete your space with the right solution. 

From structured cabling, network wiring, to low voltage cabling we work with it all to design your reliable network infrastructure.


Safety & Security

  • Access Control

  • Visual Analytics

  • Facility Surveillance

DBE utilizes technology to secure your workplace. We take advantage of toolsets inherent to facility surveillance systems, visual analytics, motion detection, access control, CCTV, biometric, key card access and monitoring notifications to protect your organization’s investments.

We understand that ever-changing business needs require updated office security solutions.

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Workplace Improvements

  • Acoustical Treatments

  • Sound Masking / Scaping

  • Lighting & Shades

Workplace designs should complement the nature of your work environment. 

DBE streamlines workplace designs and installations by maximizing components like conference room lighting, shades, room control, sound masking, acoustical treatment and room scheduling — without sacrificing aesthetics or performance.



  • On-Site Support

  • Remote Support

  • Preventative System Maintenance

  • System Management & Monitoring

Your business operations are built on the reliability of the technology you use to support it. DBE understands system maintenance and support are essential to continued business operations. We tailor our support offerings from Biamp, Creston, Extron, Logitech, Mersive, Poly (formally Polycom), QSC, Shure, Smart Technologies, and more.

Collaboration Systems
Network Infrastructure
Safety & Security
Workplace Improvements


Design Build Engineering (DBE) Systems is an Integrated Technology Contractor that specializes in providing forward-thinking, connected technology solutions that improve business workflow.

At DBE, we inspire our clients to see their technology infrastructure as the backbone to their business needs. We take pride in developing innovative solutions tailored to our clients’ business needs and workflows to help them run efficiently and effectively.

We recognize that integrated technology solutions are critical, and that is why we are dedicated to optimizing spaces to their full potential. We bring years of expertise and affiliations with technology partners to deliver remarkable solutions. In 2023, we joined dancker, an Interior Integrator to further strengthen our ability to co-create exceptional work experiences. Learn more here.

Contact us to learn how DBE can support your organization’s technology.



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